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Brewery Management Software Testimonials

Here are some comments from just a few of our customers ...


"ViewPlan Brewery Management Software has been essential to our business since we started brewing in 2016. The many aspects of brewery processes that it covers from Beer Duty Return to Ingredient Stock Levels and Customer Order Management to keeping an eye on where our casks are has, without doubt, prevented many a headache. We have just recently moved our installation to a cloud server so that we can access from multiple PCs/locations. Definitely a 5-star rating."
 -  Peter Alldis

Thurstons Brewery

"We have been using ViewPlan Brewery Management software since 2015 having moved from another system (no names mentioned). And it has been a bit of a revelation, its intuitive layout and system operation is first class, cask tracking is effortless with a handy third party bar code scanner. Thank you and well done for an excellent product."
 -  John Mintram

Cheshire Brewhouse

"ViewPlan Brewery Management software has saved my sanity, it automates and makes running a brewery easy, I use it for all my accounts, telesales, brewing records cask tracking & more. A third party Barcode scanner & Dymo label printer make cask tracking a breeze. I cannot recommend this product enough, it's got to be the best on the market by far at an affordable price point."
 -  Shane Swindells

Tyne Bank Brewery

"We have been running the ViewPlan Brewery Management software since 2012 and I could not do without it. We have multiple user access which allows sales and operations access simultaneously. The telesales, order tracking, brew management and duty calculations functions are easy to use. As an existing Sage user the package exports effortlessly."
 -  Julia Austin

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